Hey yall! I'm Mel. Welcome to my online home!

Join me as we navigate our daily faith, passions, & professions – emphasis on the (s). Think of me as your personal advocate helping breathe life into who God’s called you to be & what He’s called you to do. My words encourage. My expertise equips. 

Around here, we’re a BOTH + AND type of crew. We’re committed to Faith AND Business. Personal AND Professional Growth. And, we do it all from a place of rest. 

I wear many hats and have lots of passions! First & most importantly I’m a Believer, daughter, sister, friend, &  foodie. I’m also a writer, storyteller, project manager, and consultant. I’m a 9-5preneur, meaning I juggle my corporate job and business with excellence and without the stress. I’m founder of WorkRedefined Consulting where we help fellow multi-passionate professionals, 9-5preneurs, and leaders be successful at work, live meaningful lives, and work better together.

I believe you’re made in the image of God meaning you have multiple facets to YOU. My goal isn’t to limit you, but to help you find the deeper meaning of what you do and the strategy and support to manage it all. 

As I walk out my daily journey, may it encourage you to release the pressure, embrace the journey, and redefine history with your everyday story. Let’s navigate the process of faith, life, and work — together. 🙂 

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Breathe life back into your work

I created WorkRedefined Consulting to break the limitations you’ve place on yourself and your work. I believe getting paid for what you love is possible in corporate America. l also believe your impact is meant to span beyond corporate — we need your voice, your brand, your platform, and yes, even your business ideas. But, instead of aimlessly going after fluffy, surface-level solutions, we work to help you discover and execute meaningful goals. It’s time to align your work with your purpose and expand your income and impact from a place of rest. 

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