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Hey guys! I’m Mel, your everyday Jesus-loving, enneagram 4, creative & professional 9-5prenuer!

When I’m not here writing or helping 9-5prenuers with their career & business dreams, I’m working full-time as a project manager! 

A few of my personal pillars are inner growth [spiritual, mental, & emotional], transparency, and authentic community. I believe my outward success only comes from My Source above. I’m only creative because He is my Creator. I’m only strategic because I serve The Strategist. I’m committed to letting the world know that you are never too far to be redeemed by God. Jesus paid the price for you to be free completely [John 8:36]. 

Check out my testimony of redemption on my Youtube channelMy Rough Draft with Melanie Christina! 

Now, I also believe that this Great God has also called you to be great in your career and business! He has also called us to WORK as unto Him [Colossians 3:23]. We need your prayers AND your strategy. You can be creative AND professional. You can excel in your career AND your business. So, I help 9-5preneurs launch & manage their career & business dreams through my writing & project management services! That’s right! I bring my corporate project management expertise to the everyday entrepreneur! So, if you need help with your next project, check out my services here! 

Get weekly tips for your everyday life & work on My Rough Draft podcast! 

Why My Rough Draft? 

A working progress = working while progressing

A rough draft is a raw, incomplete, & flawed version of our thoughts. It has the potential to be a masterpiece, but it requires lots of refining & editing. Likewise in this life, we want the masterpiece of a successful life without embracing our rough draft seasons. But God is more interested in being your life-long Editor than your one-hit wonder. 

My Rough Draft is about understanding that God can do more with your less. He can do more with your shortcomings & lack than He can with your mirage of false success. He has given you everything you need to start now. So together as a community, we allow Him to exceed our expectations as we make the daily decision to be obedient to His refining. The process can be hard. But, in the end, we’ll be His best-sellers. Join us on the journey! 

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