Are you actively looking for a new job or career transition but lack the skillset or knowledge on how to stand out from the competition?

If so, I want to partner with you and help build your career for success!

Why work with me?

  • MBA graduate and certified in Project Management, Lean Six Sigma, and Career & Business Coaching
  • Utilizes the same strategies I used to quadruple my 9-5 income within 6 years of entering the workforce
  • Successfully manages my own personal career in healthcare administration & project management, managing multi-million dollar projects at any given time
  • Resumes and Cover Letters written for our clients have landed them opportunities in competitive professional and residency programs, Fortune 500 companies, governmental/non-profit organizations, and more!

Beyond my qualifications, I understand what it’s like to have a dream for you career or business but lack the resources, connections, and influence to complete it. I’m most effective because I’m resourceful. I’m good at what I do, but I can also relate to those I’m helping.

So, here’s how I can help.

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Career Consulting Power Hour

    During this power hour, we will talk through how you can best prepare for your career transition or develop within your current role. We’ll develop a plan and strategy to transition you into a career you’ll love.

    Topics can include:Job Search Assistance, Industry Transition, Interview Prep, Resume/Cover Letter Review, or Career Development Guidance

    Additional Calls can be scheduled as needed. Typically, I can only cover one topic within in an hour. So, please schedule according to your need.

    Price – $75/hr


To book your career consulting power hour, book here

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Career Writing Package

    Base Writing Package Includes:

  1. 30 min consultation
  2. Personalized industry/job-specific resume and cover letter
  3. Email Templates for pitching, following up, and thank you (post interview)
  4. Up to 2 edits
  5. Standard 5 business day turnaround

Base Writing Package Pricing:

  1. 0-15 years of work experience – $150
  2. 15+ years of work experience – $225


Let me get started on your resume/cover letter! Schedule your 30 minute consult call by booking here.