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In Q1 of 2021, we didn’t know what to expect. Should I go with the flow? Should I dream big and hope for the best? Are things going to get better or worse?  Q1 was a quarter of positioning for the new while also navigating the unknown.  At the beginning of the year, we’re setting new habits and adjusting our schedule to new goals. We’re building consistency and getting organized around our plans. But, unfortunately, that’s where many of us stop. We spend the entire year planning and organizing our ideas versus actually executing our ide[...]


3 Tips for the struggling solopreneur — learn how to gain the strategy and support you need and deserve

Do you struggle as a solopreneur trying to grow your business when you don’t have a spouse, friend, or business partner to build with you? Sure, you have people who support. But most times, even they can’t fully see the vision. And, that’s okay because God didn’t give the vision to them. He gave it to you. But, let’s be real. Being a solopreneur is HARD, though it’s not punishment. God calls us to solopreneurship for different reasons & in different seasons. Just because you’re building alone doesn’t mean you’re actually alone.&nb[...]


4 Questions to Transition your Corporate Career into a Service Based Business

This week on the Youtube Channel, I'm sharing 4 Simple Questions to help clarify & transition your corporate 9-5 skills into your own service-based business. You see everyone starting a business. Maybe you've thought about starting one for yourself. But, what business should you start?🤔 ✍️This video is for those thinking about taking their corporate skills & starting their own business as a freelancer, consultant, or service provider! Want more career & business tips? Subscribe to our YouTube Channel![...]