4 Questions to Transition your Corporate Career into a Service Based Business

This week on the Youtube Channel, I'm sharing 4 Simple Questions to help clarify & transition your corporate 9-5 skills into your own service-based business. You see everyone starting a business. Maybe you've thought about starting one for yourself. But, what business should you start?🤔 ✍️This video is for those thinking about taking their corporate skills & starting their own business as a freelancer, consultant, or service provider! Want more career & business tips? Subscribe to our YouTube Channel! [...]


3 Steps to Setting effective 2021 Goals Steps Mentioned in this Video 1. Who do you need to become in 2021? What character traits are required for the goals you want to see? 2. Separate your 2021 dreams vs goals. Goals are things you can actually do, control, or contribute to. Dreams are results or outcomes that you want to see but can't necessarily control. 3. Break down your 2021 tangible goals into daily, weekly, or monthly habits. Then, schedule them into your 2021 calendar. Link to BIG IDEA NOTEBOOK[...]


Fall/winter 2020 book reading list

Isn’t it crazy how the busy-ness of life can make us forget our first loves & passions? 😩 I remember the days when I would read an entire book in 1 day or have this long list of books I couldn't wait to get through in a year. Then life, work, business, and 2020 happens, and you get to a point of surviving vs living. Since starting the 75Hard Challenge this fall, one of the requirements is to read 10 pages of a self-help, nonfiction, or business book every single day…. For 75 days straight. If you miss a day, you have to start the entire challenge [...]