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How to Stay Motivated when you Face Opposition

How to Stay Motivated when you Face Opposition What happens when you step out on faith to start a dream…You’re so excited to get started.You start doing the research and making the business planYou meet up with your friend to tell her the exciting news..& then she looks at you and says…“Hmmm.. I couldn’t really see you doing that…” What happens when you tell your family that you’re quitting your 9-5 to pursue your dream...  And they look at you & say... “People make a job out of anything these days.. It’s too risky[...]


Why I Stopped Making Life Plans & What I Do Instead to be Successful

Today we’re going to talk about why I stopped making long term life plans and what I do now instead to live on purpose every day and still be successful.  “What's your 5 - 10 year life plan?”A familiar question many recruiters and hiring managers ask in an interview. A familiar question many parents may ask at the dinner table. A familiar question your significant other may ask on a date. & for a while, I had the answer down to a T. I had it all written out. My 3 mo life plan, my 1 year life plan, my 5 year life plan, and my[...]