3 Steps to Setting effective 2021 Goals Steps Mentioned in this Video 1. Who do you need to become in 2021? What character traits are required for the goals you want to see? 2. Separate your 2021 dreams vs goals. Goals are things you can actually do, control, or contribute to. Dreams are results or outcomes that you want to see but can't necessarily control. 3. Break down your 2021 tangible goals into daily, weekly, or monthly habits. Then, schedule them into your 2021 calendar. Link to BIG IDEA NOTEBOOK[...]


Season 3 q&A + What’s next

Show Notes Timestamp and Key Questions  2:22 - Q: What has 2020 taught you? Describe your 2020 in one word, and state how that one word has impacted your life. 6:01 - Q: What were the biggest lessons you learned in 2020 about your faith, life, purpose, & work? 12:03 - Q: What has self care looked like for you in 2020? Is there anything you need to change or adjust?  13:40 - Q: What's been the hardest part of your journey? What makes it easier? 16:38 - Q: What’s been the most rewarding thing that's hap[...]


Stop calling us quiet : 3 Keys to Finding your Voice in the Workplace as an INTROVERT

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash Have you ever been in a meeting and felt utterly overwhelmed by the loud voices in the room? Do you have strong opinions, but you get overpowered in meetings? Do you struggle to figure out where you fit in because you're not the loudest person in the room? You’re not alone. This is ME all the time.  Some time ago, I started a position where I present, teach, facilitate, and meet all day long :). There's lots of talking involved, which I don't have a problem doing. But, I'd often get overwhelmed by the loud opin[...]