ways to work with me in 2021


At WorkRedefined, we help professionals, entrepreneurs, & organizations create meaningful work. We empower & equip our clients in the following areas:

Career & Professional Development
Business Strategy & Project Management
Team Building & Development
Work + Life Balance 

You’ve gotten this far on your own. 
It’s time for intervention.
Let me help breathe life back into your work.


Want me to come speak at your next event or interview? My down to earth, yet professional and authentic approach to life and work is bound to leave your audience encouraged and equipped! Book me for your speaking, interview, or training engagement!

I can cover the following topics: 

Finding True Purpose | Embracing your Story | Navigating Faith and Business | Career Development | Professional Branding | Balancing a 9-5 & Businesses | Balancing Multiple Passions | Creating Meaningful Work  | Work + Life Balance | Diversity & Inclusion | Content Strategy & more! 

we need both.

No more IF/OR. No more choosing between your career and your passions. No more choosing business or a fulfilling life. No more being one person in public and another person in private. 

You can do both. We need both. 

We need your excellence and your vulnerability. We need your inspirational story AND your practical skill sets. We need your success and your pain.  We need to understand your world to transform the world. 

The question isn’t IF/OR. The sweet spot is finding the balance in both.