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Writing Services [/title]

Need help putting words to the paper for your career or business? Let’s tell a story that jumps off the page to the hearts of your readers, whether that’s a recruiter or a potential client. I leverage personal experience, emotional branding, storytelling, & corporate communication expertise to make your resumes, cover letters, business content and communications –> clear, memorable, and transformative to drive home results. [button url=”” target=”_self” size=”medium” display=”inline-block” float=”none”]LEARN MORE[/button][/box-5]

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Career and Business “POWER HOUR” Strategy Calls[/title]

Want to transition your career but lack the resources to stand out from the competition? Ready to execute a new business idea, but lack the plan to get started? Have skillsets that could serve an audience but lack the vision to develop a plan around it? Let me coach you on best practices to scale your career or business for success! Together, we will strategize how to leverage your skills and experience to launch an impactful and purpose-filled career and/or business. You can do both! [button url=”” target=”_self” size=”medium” display=”inline-block” float=”none”]LEARN MORE[/button]

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Project Management Services [/title]

Ready to pivot your skills to launch a business or passion project? Ready to diversify your offers within your business? As your project manager, I create a step by step plan with tangible strategies to bring your project to life from start to finish. I take your budget, timeline, and resources and match them with my expertise and resources to help you launch the business project of your dreams. Think of me as your accountability partner and right hand woman that keeps you on track to bring your vision to life. [button url=”” target=”_self” size=”medium” display=”inline-block” float=”none”]LEARN MORE[/button][/box-5]